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30 Scripture Songs CD


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Hide God’s Word in the youngest of hearts with this new collection of 30 Scripture songs! Includes songs to learn the Lord’s Prayer and the Old Testament and New Testament books of the Bible. Plus, print the PDF lyrics from your own computer.

1. Give Thanks to the Lord
2. I Will Praise You
3. How Good It Is to Sing Praises
4. Clap Your Hands
5. Praise Him!
6. Bless the Lord, O My Soul
7. I Will Trust in You
8. The Lord Is My Rock
9. Rejoice in the Lord Always
10. On Wings Like Eagles
11. For God So Loved the World
12. No Other Name But Jesus
13. Romans
14. Behold, Behold
15. Call on the Name of the Lord
16. Saved by Grace
17. I Am the Light of the World
18. Go into All the World
19. No Eye Has Seen, No Ear Has Heard
20. I Can Do All Things
21. Great Is Your Love
22. Love Is Patient and Kind
23. Love One Another
24. The Fruit of the Spirit
25. Do to Others
26. God Made Everything
27. The Lord’s Prayer
28. The Twelve Apostles
29. The Old Testament Song
30. The New Testament Song


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