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For A. W. Tozer, no question is more important than, “What is God like?” The desire to know God consumed his entire life and ministry. That’s why those who read him come to know God more intimately. Originally preached as sermons at Southside Alliance Church in Chicago, this first volume of The Attributes of God examines ten attributes of God. It also includes a study guide for an in-depth look at each attribute: Infinite Immense Good Just Merciful Gracious Omnipresent Immanent Holy Perfect Steeped in Scripture and filled with the Spirit, Tozer preached with striking clarity and power. The sense of his sermons comes through on every page, bringing the Word of God to bear upon you.

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ISBN: 9781600661297
Producer: Moody Publishers
Dimensions: 133 x 21 x 210 mm
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 320
Release Date: 14.02.2007


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