Daily Treasure: 366 Daily Readings from Spurgeon’s Treasury of David


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Spurgeon’s great commentary on the Psalms,The Treasury of David,has never lost its value. It is true treasure, rich with Spurgeon’s own comments and the collected wisdom of Puritan and other commentators.

Generally found as three large volumes, it is well worth having for both preacher and the ordinary Christian,But then this massive work is not very convenient, so James Renihanh as worked carefully with Spurgeon’s material, sometimes reordering the material to make a cohesive devotional. As far as possible the original wording is retained, but Spurgeon had a vast command of what are now archaic or colloquial words from the past,so where necessary these have been updated for the modern reader.

Where Scripture is quoted, the NKJV has been used. The book includes a biography of Spurgeon by Professor Michael Haykin. Each daily devotional includes a section of a psalm, a suggested further reading and a short comment for meditation,usually from the Puritans. Over the course of the year the whole of the Psalter is covered.

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