Day By Day With J.C. Ryle: A New daily devotional of Ryle’s writings


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J.C. Ryle has become one of the most loved of British authors on church matters. He was the first Bishop of Liverpool, managing to establish a thriving diocese in that most sectarian of English cities. Although a convinced evangelical he was regarded as fairminded by those who disagreed with him. Even Ryle’s opponents in church politics wept when he died. His books have remained in print for a hundred years because Ryle was able to touch the person in the street with clear teaching on doctrinal matters. He showed how the Bible was relevant. His writings thus lend themselves to a devotional format and here is a new selection different to any that have gone before. Here Eric Russell has arranged writings according to themes that develop the reader’s understanding on a topic before moving on to new pastures. It is as refreshing as it is profound. Categories Products » All books » Devotional Books » General Properties ISBN: 9781857929591 Producer: Christian Focus Publications Product Code: 102006 Dimensions: 138 x 216 mm Binding: Paperback Number of pages: 400 Release Date: 20.07.2004


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