Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age


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Bestselling Author Rosaria Butterfield Confronts 5 Cultural Lies She Once Believed Our culture changes at a constant and rapid pace, swaying in its beliefs on sexuality and spirituality. Author Rosaria Butterfield argues that the word of God is the answer to such swaying opinions and uses Scripture to illuminate 5 lies that our prevailing culture often promotes, including how being a spiritual person is kinder than being a biblical Christian, that feminism is good for the world and the church, and that transgenderism is normal and healthy.

Written in the style of a memoir, Rosaria shares personal stories interwoven with cultural studies, literary criticism, and theology. She explains that these lies are direct attacks on biblical womanhood and the Christian home, both of which are honourable and dignified. This culturally relevant book will help readers gain a clearer understanding of how the word of God is applicable to these critical cultural issues facing the church today.

  • Written by Rosaria Butterfield: Bestselling author of The Gospel Comes with a House Key (100,000+ copies sold) and The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (100,000+ copies sold)
  • Ideal for Christian Women: Especially those passionate about the next generation and eager to engage contemporary cultural issues
  • Personal: Rosaria speaks from her own experience in order to teach and encourage other Christians

ISBN: 9781433573538
Producer: Crossway
Dimensions: 140 x 216 mm
Product type: Hard Cover
Number of pages: 320
Release Date: 12.09.2023


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