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Jesus Storybook Bible: Anglicised


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Want to introduce the wonder of the Bible to children?
This book for 4-11 year olds is a vibrant and engaging book for you to treasure
Plant the first seeds of a love of God’s word
The Jesus Storybook Bible gives you the full colour, illustrated collection of 44 best loved Bible stories you need to introduce your children to a lifelong love of the wonders of the Bible. Each story, from The Creation, through Noah, Daniel and more, to Jesus and onward to the promise of a new and perfect Heaven, is retold in breathtaking colour and straightforward words ideal for children to hear, read and understand.

Reasons to buy and give ‘The Jesus Storybook Bible’

Helps you introduce 4s to 10s to 44 of the Bible’s best loved stories
Gives you the wonder of the Bible in beautiful pictures and simple words
Starts your children on a lifelong relationship with God’s Word
Equips you to focus young minds on the world’s most wonderful stories
Let’s you connect the whole Bible with the coming and message of Jesus
Encourages children to read with you and start reading for themselves
Discover anew your own love for the beauty of the Bible’s moving stories
Easy to read in British English (rather than US English) spellings and sentences
The high quality binding, strong covers and premium glossy paper make this a gift to be given with love, received with joy and treasured with delight. Each story – never more than about 100 lines of clearly readable text, is just the right length for bedtime or story-time sharing. And written by award winning English writer of children’s books, Sally Lloyd-Jones, The Jesus Storybook Bible is as engaging for grown-ups as it is for children.

Children aged from 4 upwards will understand and love the stories shared with them by a grown up reader, and children from 6 upwards will be able to read the straightforward words and sentences for themselves. Even the youngest will be drawn in by the bright and bold pictures of award winning children’s artist and native of Cornwall, Jago.

Starting with a simple paraphrase of Psalm 19: “The Heavens are singing about how great God is…” children – and grown ups, begin a colourful adventure in words and pictures through the stories of The Old Testament, to the birth of the baby at the centre of it all, and on through the parables, miracles and wonders of the New. Woven throughout, and connecting each and every story, is the softly whispered name of Jesus.

This is the children’s Bible written and drawn first and foremost for the children, parents and teachers on this side of the Atlantic, The Jesus Storybook Bible will make a refreshing and reaffirming presence at the bedside of 4s to 8s making their first exploration into the wonderful stories and lessons that make up the Bible, and lead to Jesus.

Age Range: 4 – 8 Years


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