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Isaac Ambrose (1591 – 1664) was an English Puritan divine. He was one of king’s four preachers in Lancashire in 1631. He was twice imprisoned by commissioners of array. He worked for establishment of Presbyterianism; successively at Leeds, Preston, and Garstang, whence he was ejected for nonconformity in 1662. He also published religious works.

As a religious writer Ambrose has a vividness and freshness of imagination possessed by scarcely any of the Puritan Nonconformists. Many who have no love for Puritan doctrine, nor sympathy with Puritan experience, have appreciated the pathos and beauty of his writings, and his Looking unto Jesus long held its own in popular appreciation with the writings of John Bunyan.

The author of this work was one of the Nonconformist divines, whoso writings are akin to those of Baxter, Flavel, Howe, and others who have greatly enriched our stores of theological literature. He takes up, in this book, and discusses with great clearness and devotion, the character, life, and work of our blessed Lord. A prefatory letter says of Ambrose: “He is described by Calamy as a man of substantial worth, eminent piety, and exemplary life; and the same author relates of him, that it was his custom, once a year for the space of a month, to retire into a hut in a wood, and avoiding all human intercourse, to devote himself to contemplation.” Those who love to dwell upon their Saviour’s life will find in Ambrose’s writings much to enkindle their feelings of devotion, and many topics for meditation. Were we to study such books more, their beneficial influence would be seen in our sermons and in our lives.

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