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Magna Carta is not only one of the most celebrated documents in British history, but stands as a foundation of political and religious freedom throughout the world. Yet the liberties and freedoms fought for and heralded in Magna Carta are under severe attack as controversial issues of religious freedoms, human rights, equality legislation and freedom of speech present significant challenges for our society today. In the year of its 800th anniversary Magna Carta Unravelled traces the Christian origins and legacy of this great Charter of liberty, focusing on the current challenges to individual liberty examined by experts with unrivalled backgrounds in politics, academic philosophy, the law and the church. Magna Carta Unravelled is an invaluable resource, offering penetrating insights from a variety of perspectives, for those seeking a thoughtful approach to issues of freedom in our nation today. A joint venture with Voice for Justice UK. Properties ISBN: 9780957572546 Producer: Wilberforce Publications Product Code: 892562 Binding: Paperback Number of pages: 220 Release Date: 22.09.2015


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