Mary Jones And Her Bible


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In 1800, Mary Jones, a poor little Welsh girl, wanted to buy a Bible with the money she had saved for over six years. Brave but barefooted, she set out on a quest over the Welsh mountains to find a Bible to purchase. Her long journey covered many miles, but she was unable to find a Bible to buy. Mary’s search for a Bible led her to the home of the Reverend Thomas Charles, who was greatly moved by her courage and perseverance. You will be touched by this story of love and devotion that eventually brought together a preacher, a schoolmaster and many others. This band of believers, inspired by Mary’s devotion, proposed to the Council of the Religious Tract Society that they form a Bible society that would provide Bibles for the people of Wales. As a result, the British and Foreign Bible Society was established in London.

ISBN: 9780882700618
Producer: Bridge Logos
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: 01.03.2012


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