The 10 Most Common Objections To Christianity


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ALEX MCFARLAND Society today has a growing number of objections and concerns regarding Christianity. Why does a loving God let bad things happen? Would God really send someone to hell? And why is Christianity right and other religions in error? Many Christians hear objections to Christianity and have a crisis of faith. Enter Alex McFarland, a seasoned apologist who is ready to explore ten common objections to Christianity. He offers straight answers that will give them confidence and understanding about their beliefs. After reading this book, all Christians will know how to effectively answer the most common objections to Christianity, why they believe what they believe, and be prepared to defend their faith and worldview. Properties ISBN: 9780764215162 Producer: Baker Book House Product Code: 147557 Width: 140 mm Binding: Paperback Number of pages: 256 Release Date: 03.02.2016


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