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The Children Sing Series 4CD Box Set


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This boxed set brings together all four albums in this popular series:

  • Sing Lullabies,
  • Sing Hymns,
  • Sing Scriptures
  • Sing Bible Studies

These are designed to nurture a real understanding of biblical themes in your children and complement the spiritual bond between parents and their children. The Children Sing Series was originally put together by Jenny Legg and David Lyle Morris. Both are talented singer-songwriters and were involved in the UK scene and had become parents at the time they started making the series.

Their aim was to create music that would complement the spiritual bond between parent and young child and nurture an understanding of Biblical themes in younger children. The success of the series is testimony to the quality of the songs and performances here and, for the first time, all four of the albums in the series are available in one boxed set. Superb music for your children!

Track Listing:

Disc 1: 01. We Love You So (Raindrops) 02. Jesus You’re The Morning Star 03. The Lord’s Prayer 04. Your Dreams Are Waiting 05. Sleep Safe In God 06. While They Are Sleep 07. Made With Love 08. Jesus Bids Us Shine 09. Wide, Wide As The Ocean 10. Jesus Loves Me 11. Father’s Precious Baby 12. Safe In The Father’s Hands 13. When You Pray 14. The Little Ones 15. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam 16. Jesus, Friend Of Little Children

Disc 2: 01. The Arky Arky Song 02. This Little Light Of Mine 03. I Am So Glad 04. All Things Bright And Beautiful 05. The Wise Man Built His House 06. My God Is So Big 07. If I Were A Butterfly 08. Jesus Loves Me 09. We Are Marching 10. Jesus Love Is Very Wonderful/ Jesus Loves The Little Children 11. Colours Of Day 12. Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus 13. Zacchaeus Was A Very Little Man 14. Two Little Eyes 15. From The Rising Of The Sun/ Who Put The Colours 16. God Make My Life A Little Light

Disc 3: 01. A Good Man Named Paul 02. Love The Lord Your God 03. Blessed 04. Before Men 05. For God So Loved The World 06. Your Word 07. Every Good And Perfect Gift 08. As A Mother Comforts Her Child 09. The Way, The Truth, And The Life 10. I Have Learned To Be Content 11. God’s Love Will Never End 12. In My Father’s House 13. Power In My Prayer 14. Don’t Be Afraid 15. In The Beginning 16. I Will Trust In God’s Unfailing Love 17. Your Thoughts Are Deep

Disc 4: 01. Fisherman Song 02. Who Needs A Boat 03. Five Loaves And Two Small Fish 04. David’s Song 05. Rocky Wocky Song 06. Someone To Love 07. Yo Ho Ho 08. Noah’s Song 09. Listen 10. A Mean Meanie Man 11. Mud On My Eyes 12. My Brother 13. Good Samaritan 14. Long Ago In Bethlehem


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