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The Good Samaritan and Other Parables of Jesus


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Accomplished author and illustrator team, Lois Rock and Sophie Allsopp, have come together again to create another beautiful Bible story collection. Twenty parables, widely loved for their insight and wisdom, are retold and illustrated with elegant pictures to make an anthology with a classic feel.


  • The Sower,
  • A Lamp Under a Bowl,
  • The Mustard Seed,
  • Hidden Treasure,
  • A Perfect Pearl,
  • The Man Who Had Everything,
  • Rich Man Poor Man,
  • The Great Feast,
  • The Two Men at the Temple,
  • The Unforgiving Servant,
  • The Growing Seed,
  • Wheat and Weeds,
  • The Lost Sheep,
  • The Runaway Son,
  • Knock, Knock, Knocking,
  • The Widow and the Judge,
  • The Good Samaritan,
  • The Two Sons,
  • The Two Servants,
  • The Two Builders.

ISBN: 9780745965574
Producer: Lion Hudson
Product Code: 10029213
Dimensions: 230 x 245 mm
Binding: Hard Cover
Number of pages: 48
Release Date: 20.04.2018


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