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Bob Hartman

Bob is married to Sue, with two grown and married children, Kari and Chris, and five grandchildren, Malachi, Leah, Jacob, Remy and Sloane.

Bob was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but now lives in Wiltshire.

Bob is also a professional storyteller. He was a resident storyteller at The Pittsburgh Children’s Museum for twelve years, and has also told stories at events across Europe, and in Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Over the past thirty years, he has had over seventy books published, most of them for children. Subjects include retellings of Bible stories, traditional tales, and some original stories. Bob’s Storyteller Bible, is used in schools across the United Kingdom as part of a Bible project called Open the Book, and is regularly performed for over 800,000 children in more than 3000 primary schools. He is the author of YouVersion’s Bible App for Kids, which has been downloaded over 35 million times, as well as The Rhyming Bible and The Wolf Who Cried Boy.

He loves telling stories, and helping children find their own voice, so they can tell stories, too.

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