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Carl Brumback

Birth: 5 Nov 1917 Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, USA
Death: 27 Oct 1987 (aged 69) Luray, Page County, Virginia, USA

Carl Brumback was the third son of Carl Virgil and Eva Mae (Wilson) Brumback. He was the husband of Marian Nella "Peggy" Brumback, and the father of David, Sue Sharon, Douglas Hervie, and Cynthia Brumback. During the last years of his life he pastored the nearby Ida Grove Chapel. He was ordained as an Assembly of God minister, and pastored numerous churches. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he wrote several important books, including "What Meaneth This," which was the first scholarly explanation of speaking in tongues, and that book was used for many years in most of the Pentecostal seminaries. He was commission by the Assemblies of God to research and document the beginning and spread of the modern Pentecostal Movement, which began on Azusu Street in Los Angeles in 1906. That book was titled "Suddenly from Heaven." He wrote "God in Three Persons," which was a theological rebuttal of the Oneness Movement that threatened to bring the Pentecostal Movement into apostasy. He was a great student of American history. He led fourteen Holy Land tours that are still remembered as spiritual highlights in many people's lives. He won many to righteousness. In his later years, living at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains, people from Washington D.C. loved to come visit his mountain place, and talk to the man who had done so much for God.
His wife Peggie Peggie was the eldest of the eight William Franklin Jr. McTeer family. At a young age, she learned to play the piano, and for many years used that talent serving God's Kingdom in churches, and for traveling Gospel quartets. She met her husband, who was an Assembly of God evangelist holding a revival in her Sanford Florida church. They married and had four children, David McTeer, Sue Sharon, Doulas Hervie, and Cynthia Ann. She helped support the family as a professional seamstress. She worked for seven years in the White House as guest coordinator, scheduled high level visitor tours, and organized the visits of world leaders to the White House. Carl and Peggie organized and conducted fourteen Holy Land tours.