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Joel Field

Joel grew up in a musical family in the UK. When he was 8 his Mum showed him a few chords on the guitar and he never looked back. With his Dad being a keys player, Joel later turned his attention to the ivories, before getting hold of his first bass guitar. As a teenager, he took on the drums and did 8 grades of saxophone.

Joel grew up being inspired by great Christian musicians such as Abe Laboriel (bass), Tom Brooks (keys), Paul Jackson Jr. (guitar), Carl Albrecht (drums), Justo Almario (woodwinds), and others, and to some extent you can hear those influences coming through his music today. More contemporary influences have been bands and artists such as Starfield, MercyMe, Leeland, Switchfoot, John Mayer, Steve Curtis Chapman and a host of others.

In 2007, Joel married the most wonderful girl in the whole world, Rebekah, and they set up home in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2009, Joel decided to get serious with his music, and set out to create his first solo project. Combining soft acoustic guitar ballads and driving rock rhythms, contemporary lyrics and worship anthems, Greener Side is an album straight from the heart, born out of experience and testimony. The songs speak of struggles and hard questions, but also offer answers of hope and love.

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