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John W. Keddie

John W Keddie is the author of several biographies of prominent Christian theologians and missionaries: George Smeaton: Learned Theologian and Biblical Scholar (Evangelical Press, 2007); (Eric Liddell) Running the Race: Eric Liddell, Olympic Champion & Missionary (Evangelical Press, 2007; Christian Focus Publications, 2020); (Eric Liddell) Finish the Race (Christian Focus Publications, 2011); James MacGregor: Preacher, Theologian and Defender of the Faith (Scottish Reformed Heritage Publications, 2016). He is also the author of books on the Church and Church history: Preserving a Reformed Heritage: The Free Church of Scotland in the 20th Century (Scottish Reformed Heritage Publications, 2017); The Church: Its Nature, Ordinances and Offices (Scottish Reformed Heritage Publications, 2018). Mr Keddie, a former Accountant, is an ordained Presbyterian minister and has also acted as a lecturer in Church history. He was born in Edinburgh in 1946.

John Keddie is a Christian minister and writer. His previous works include a highly–regarded centenary history of Scottish Athletics. His connection to Eric Liddell comes through an advisory position that he held for the movie Chariots of Fire.