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Kenneth Berding

Kenneth Berding is Professor of New Testament at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University where he has served since 2002. He teaches courses such as Life & Letters of Paul, Biblical Interpretation & Spiritual Formation, Biblical Greek, Romans, and Apostolic Fathers. He previously taught full-time at Nyack College just north of New York City, and has taught as an adjunct professor at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and at Alliance Theological Seminary in New York. Ken is Founder of Bible Fluency and blogs regularly at Kindle Afresh and The Good Book Blog. Ken is happily married to Trudi, who has been his friend since his freshman year of high school. Like Philip in the Bible(!), he has four daughters, Lydia, Grace, Ela, and Ana. Ken and his wife Trudi lived in the Middle East for seven years and have many friends around the world. Both Ken and Trudi are deeply involved in the life and ministry of Redemption Hill Church in Whittier, California. Ken is a musician, playing four instruments: piano, guitar, drums, and saz. He has written many songs, including music for teaching. Some of these songs are aimed at helping people achieve biblical literacy; others for learning Greek grammar. It is not unusual to walk by one of his classes at Biola University and hear music coming out of the classroom! Ken writes both academic and non-academic articles and books. His academic interests are in the New Testament and in the Apostolic Fathers. He is keenly interested that people understand the centrality of Jesus Christ, how to walk in the Holy Spirit, and how to live with an awareness of the brevity of life and the length of eternity.

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