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Kerry Stillman

Kerry Stillman is English but has spent most of her adult life in Cameroon, where she has been part of an incredible multi-national team. Together with the people of the region, they have established a medical work that now serves the local population. Kerry is a physiotherapist by training, but is more passionate about passing on the love of Jesus Christ to any and all who are seeking to know him.
Having seen the power and love of God transforming many lives in Cameroon, Kerry felt compelled to share these stories with the world. Her book 'Blood, Sweat and Jesus' is the result and testifies that no one can bring transformation to hearts and lives like Jesus can. Having initially committed to joining the team in Cameroon for 11 months back in 1998, two decades later Kerry is still based there - much to her surprise! Kerry remains committed to making her life available for God to use in order that Jesus can be known by those who are looking for him.